Dose-Controlled Vaporizers 100 doses
2:1 THC to CBD blend




Oklahoma’s first dose-controlled vaporizer combines the best of the plant’s soothing cannabinoids and terpenes to help you take control of our health and happiness. Inhaling cannabinoids is the quickest way to work with your endocannabinoid system. Perfect for taking out anxiety and pain in a matter of minutes. FlowPen precision dose technology makes it easier to consume small and controlled amounts.

NOT available in stores yet – availability expected in November.

• Full-spectrum distillate with 3 to 5% botanical terpenes
• Up to 85% cannabinoids
• Zero cutting agents
• Vaping is the fastest-acting cannabis application
• Ideal for micro-dosing and everyday use
• Patent pending design
• Easy to use out-of-the-box functionality
• Child resistant packaging


A ceramic core ensures consistent, high-quality flavor without a burnt taste. The first puff is as good as the last, with unwavering performance.


Small, slim, and discreet, this pint-sized pen is ideal for micro-dosing and everyday use. Six-sided shape makes it easy to hold and not roll off a table.


Our products are available at leading dispensaries
throughout Oklahoma

Optimized Formulas for Wellness 

For centuries humans have been consuming cannabis for mental health. Why full spectrum? Why THC? Why also CBD? Why terpenes? Our optimized formula helps you feel just the right amount of good.