Water Soluble THC Powder

Topical Formula

90-98% THC


Water Soluble THC Powder is refined from extracted oils, homogenized, and spray dried into the form of a powder. This off-white powder has almost no taste or aroma, is very consistent, solvent-free and fully decarboxylated. The small particle size (80-120nm) of the Volta Labs nanoemulsion leads to a much larger surface area of the THC oil droplets, feel the products take effect within 3-5 minutes.
1 to 500 kilogram monthly subscriptions available.

THC oil nanoemulsions are used in many commercial areas including the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

Storage Do not store above 30C (86F). Keep lid tightly closed and store in a dry location.
Shelf life is 18 months unopened, 6 months after opening.

Instructions Dispense in original, unopened container. Keep out of reach from children.

Topical formula


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